About Camy Leanne

Hi, I'm Camy!

I have always loved music and writing. I make my own creations about whatever strikes me. Life is a fun, crazy, and an unpredictable experience and you never know what is coming next, so just chase whatever it is that makes your heart shine.

Music has been in my blood for all of my life, but only within the last 5 years have I been able to pursue it. I grew up listening to every style of music that I could get my hands on and that has inspired me in my own music today. I write whenever inspiration hits me. Sometimes it's about my life, sometimes it's about a dream I had, or sometimes it's not about anything at all, but it pops in my head and so I write it down and record it.

Click on my music link to download my latest release for FREE! I hope you enjoy it!

Until the next song,

Camy Leanne